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Are There Any Cooking Classes Near the Detroit Michigan Area?

Hi, currently I am looking to gain expierence in Culinary arts before attending college for it, and would like to know if anyone knows any resturants that offer cooking classes, or if any schools or organzations offer them as well? I am a highschool Jr. and planning to make cooking my life, I want to be a chef and this is really important to me so I am asking for help.

Obviously, you know that Schoolcraft is THE place to go in the area for Culinary School, right? But, I believe that you’re looking for someplace to go that is not actually a college level class – that is, you want to go to one at a restaurant BEFORE you actually go to culinary school, correct?

If that is the case, the Free Press often lists short classes in their Living section – I know that Jeremy Restaurant in Keego Harbor has had some classes – Also Kitchen Glamour (it’s a kitchen appliance store) always advertises classes. Other restaurants that I’ve seen advertise are that place in Milford that used to be Five Lakes Grill (I think it’s Mexican now, so maybe they don’t have the classes anymore). Also Bonnie’s Kitchen on Telegraph has classes – I think it’s near Maple now – Used to be closer to 12 Mile – mostly pastries, I thought. There’s also a place I’ve noticed in Northville – Scottie’s Kitchen. Also, I read about an Indian woman who does cooking classes out of her house – you might Google that on the Freep site. Another thought – there’s a place on the east side – Clinton Twp or Utica – J. Baldwins or Baldwins – that I’ve heard of too.