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College — where should i (reasonably) apply?

im interested in california, new york, boston, chicago, and dc. mayble florida, washington.

cr- 610
math- 640
writing- 790

i know i can do better in math. i plan on retaking them.
i got like 67 on my math psat, and i tend to be good at math, so yeah.

my gpa from 9th & 10th grade combined is a 3.86. 10th grade alone was a 3.9 something, all A’s and A-’s except for in a half-year (equivalent) social studies course where i got a B+.
9th grade i took geometry (which was the advanced class) and honors science, and then academic spanish (no honors offered) and then academic english and social studies.
10th grade i took honors everything.
so far this year, i’ve had well above a 4.0, but in averaging it out with my finals and my 9th and 10th grade gpas, i’m hoping for somewhere between a 3.95 and a 4.05 by the end of this year, although i could luck out and get higher.
my classes that i’ve completed so far this year are AP english language, AP physics newtonian mechanics, and cooking.
got a B in english and a B+ in physics.

the rest of the year, i’ll have AP calc ab (which i’m expecting to continue maintaing an A in), honors chem, honors spanish, and then gym and communications.
i’m expecting to do fairly well, although i can never be sure.

next year i’m not taking science, as i doubled up this year, but i will be taking AP stat in addition to AP calc BC. and i’ll be taking AP spanish. and then academic english, social studies, and then cooking and two photo classes.

i’m interesting in math and science.
i’m considering a computer science or engineering major.

however, i have an interest in physics and the stars and such.
so if a school offers it, i’d like a physics minor, just for the sake of expanding my knowledge, not for a career or anything.

i don’t have extracurriculars.
i could stretch it to contain some community service and maybe like, one club that i’ve sometimes showed up to, but like, yeah. not big on extracurriculars.
i do have a job though.
i’d love to get into somewhere real competitive like UCLA, but i don’t know if i have a realistic chance.

based in the areas i listed above, although you can give other options, can someone give me a basic list of reach, good match, and safety schools?

thanks so much.

i don’t want a really small school.

preferably something medium-large, and nothing really really rural.

So I’m assumming that you’re a junior, correct?

I live in the OC, and a bunch of my friends go to UCLA.
From what I see so far, you have a fighting chance. Your GPA is looking pretty average, but keep in mind that the average accepted students had around 4.2 – 4.3 by the time they applied. At the same time, GPA isn’t everything. So many other things factor in: SAT II Subject Tests, and SAT scores, AP test scores and extracurriculars.
You should have already taken your math subject test at least, and perhaps an English, foreign language, or science one. Scores should be competitive, in the 700′s preferrably.
Your SAT is looking alright, as long as you’re sure that you can score higher in the math section. Hopefully, your AP test scores have been in the 4-5 section. 3 is sort of iffy, but be sure that math and science are in good shape.

The rigor of your courses is looking pretty good as well. That’s good. I suppose the truly defining factor for your case is the extracurriculars and essay. If that’s all great, then I’d say you have a very good chance at admission.

Other competitive, but attainable schools for you besides UCLA would be USC (more expensive because its private), NYU. Safety schools are probably of course, state colleges. Drexel, University of Miami.. BU is also a respectable college. Remember to stay realistic, and apply to one or 2 safety colleges!

Anyway, good luck with UCLA. I hope this has helped! Check out for additional info w/ specifics.