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Culinary School, goods schools, and any tips?

Well im thinking about getting into cooking and stuff like that. I mean im only in 10th grade. But I really love to cook and bake. So im thinking of heading into that department. Can you please tell me of any good schools. I live in Connecticut and I am close to New York City. It’s just like 30 min to an hour train ride away. I don’t wanna go too far for college. As far as I would go would be VA. Maybe a little farther. But please tell me of good schools around me. Also if you have gone to culinary school. Tell me what are some good degrees and stuff. Also about classes. Tell me what would get me far and successful and make decent money or good money. Also any tips or a heads up about this Business.

CIA (in Hyde Park like already mentioned) is very good.

New England Culinary Institute is a GREAT school, and it’s in Vermont–not far away and absolutley breathtakingly beautiful. At least look them up.

Most of the schools mentioned are a 1 or 2 day trip from where you are to go and visit and take a tour. Culinary school is VERY expensive (like Ivy League college expensive), so I recommend touring a few before you decide. But SO worth it.