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culinary schools in new york?

Can you tell me some colleges in New York that offer culinary courses? A 4 year college? For example:SUNY Delhi offers culinary courses, but it is not a culinary school. The CIA is too expensive for my family. Can you give me the names of the schools? Thanks!

Paul Smith’s College is another NY State college with a culinary arts program. Johnson and Wales (RI) isn’t too far from NY, neither is Holyoke (MA) Community College and several other colleges with good culinary arts programs.

However, before you rule out CIA (Culinary Institute of America) because of cost, see what kind of scholarship or financial aid assistance you might qualify for. Very few students pay the "sticker price" at private colleges and universities like CIA, and CIA has a very strong reputation in the hospitality industry, making it a good investment.

At you’ll find links and contact information for four year colleges and links to sites with similar information on two-year colleges.

Good luck.