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Did anyone go to FCI thats French Culinary School in New York, How is that school?

hi im 17 years old. and i have a passion for cooking.baking. Im still looking for a college,university or a culinary school that wil last for at least 2 years. I have a question how long is FCI. if i want to manage a restaurant, what do i do? Where do i start at my age? and How can i become one?

Being a restaurant manager do you get paid well? Going off to FCI, is that culinary institute expensive financially? I just really want to know how long do you stay in that school to become like any other professional chef/manage in hotels of some sort?? Helpp me out. Ive started cooking and baking when i was 12 and im really interested but i dont know what kind of a beginner level they would be in FCI.


Information about the school is below.