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Diet-friendly Breakfast – Messy Egg White Omelet, 16 g Protein!

Delicious healthy, diet-friendly breakfast that I make quite frequently. Super quick and delicious, great balance of healthy fats, protein, and low glycemic index carbs.

For information on the glycemic index and what high and low glycemic index foods are, check out:

For information about the capsaicin satiety studies, check out:

(for the biochem audience: heavy on the technical information)

I get a lot of questions about how I learned to cook like this and where I come up with recipes like this one. My mom has a degree in French Cuisine from the then Peter Kump’s New York Cooking School (Now known as the Institute of Culinary Education). I grew up in her kitchen, cooking the way she cooks and soaking up as much foodie knowledge as my little brain will hold. Any recipes I post on YouTube will be completely of my own invention unless I explicitly tell you otherwise and list a reference.

For a low sodium version: use low sodium versions of the chick peas and kalamata olives, the primary culprits when it comes to the sodium content of this dish. This is a particularly good choice if you have high blood pressure.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a nutritionist or a fitness expert. Any knowledge I impart is seconhand and experiential. These are just things that I’ve used in the past that have worked for me. Always always always take to your doctor before embarking on any diet or fitness regimen to make sure that it’s healthy and safe for your body!

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