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Do i have a chance of getting into NYU (Stern) , BU, Carnigie Melon, or U Mass Amherst?

I am 16 female Indian and live in New York and am currently a junior in high school. My gpa is 3.7. I am taking the act in a week and have been getting a 31 consistently on the practice tests. and Hope fully will be getting between 1900-2100 on the SAT. I am also planning on taking the math level 2 SAT and the US history SAT in June. I have taking 1 ap last year and one this year this year i am also taking other College level courses such as Supa U.S history, College Pre Calc and college marketing (i hope to pursue business). Next year i am planning on taking College accounting, Supa sociology, Ap micro, AP Satistics, Ap calculus
Extra Curricular: President and Founder of Diversity club in my school raised over $400 for Haiti, Member of Deca for 3 years went into the state level of competition in two of those years. Member of investment club for two years. Played for jv tennis sophomore year and varsity swim this year. have been doing Indian classical dance for 7 years performed at many different places. performed twice in school.
Community service and volunteer work: Active volunteer at my local library and temple. volunteered 30 hours over the summer with a nonprofit organization. This summer doing volunteer work in both spain and india in India i am planning on creating a system in which villagers can have easy access to water. possibly an internship as well.
Hobbies: Painting, photography. cooking

Those are excellent schools. There are many other excellent schools that you may have not considered.

There are several free online services that help you find a school that is already accepting students with your credentials. My favorite is College Matchmaker, from the College Board company. Go to that website, enter your personal information and SAT or ACT scores [actual score, not what you anticipate or plan on - ] tell them where [State or area or even by zip code] you want to go to college and what majors you may be interested in, and see what comes up. Then, make sure that you apply to at least three of the schools likely to accept you. College admissions can be cruel at times, and you definitely want to have some choice

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Also, it is a good idea to read what other students say about the colleges you are investigating. The best free site for that feedback is run by The Princeton Review.
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