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High-End Restaurants, New York City?

Hello, My boyfriend is a culinary school student and he is looking to come here as part of a work-term with his school. Thing is, he needs to work in a restaurant where there are actual chefs ( as in ones who graduated from culinary school) seeing as I live in Hoboken (very convient to NYC ) I figure he can see if some restaurants in New York would be able to hire him. But I don’t go into NYC too much to eat, and when I do I am cheap. So can anyone recommend restaurants that would be of that quality? I know tom cochclio (sp ) from top chef has a restaurant, but yeah could anyone help me out here? If you could give me the websites that would be great.

Gothem Grill
Tavern on the Green

My goodness, there are pleny of high end restaurants to apply at. He may have to start as a line cook first in order to move up.