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How do I pick a school for baking and pastry in New York?

After two years at community college with a liberal arts degree, I’ve decided that I want to go to school for baking and pastry. My ultimate goal would be to open my own bakery, but obviously that is just a dream right now. Now that I’ve made the decision, I have no idea where to start. I live on Long Island, and I know that the Culinary Institute of America in New Hyde Park would be my best choice, but its simply too far. A school in Manhattan would be optimal, and I know there are plenty, but my question is, which are the best schools to apply to? It is important that the school is accredited because if not I won’t be on my dad’s health insurance.
I’ve looked at the Culinary Academy of Long Island and the Art Institute of New York, and have read about the French Culinary Institute and the Institute of Culinary Education. How do these schools rank on terms of credibility?
So I need to know what the best accredited schools for pastry and baking are in New York, preferably in Manhattan. It also wouldn’t hurt to know which schools not to apply to. Thank you in advance!

There are three important things to consider when shopping for culinary schools.

1) Make sure the school is ACF Accredited. The American Culinary Federation only accredits the best schools. And, you’ll be automatically ACF certified when you graduate.

2) Make sure the school specializes in baking and pastry.

3) Consider the price of your education. If you can go to an ACF accredited school that specializes in baking and pastry for a lower price than another school, that would help you save money. I personally believe that prestige should not be taken into consideration when shopping for schools. In the long run, your future employers will not care. I’ve worked with lots of different chefs and cooks, some culinary school trained and others not. Some of the CIA graduates I’ve worked with could barely boil water. Some cooks without schooling that I’ve known were very talented and capable cooks. Your talents, experience, knowledge, dedication and attitude will be what sets you apart from the rest of the herd in this business. The school you put on your resume will be of less importance.