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How should I prepare for college in New York?

I’ll be moving to new york in april for culinary school. I’ve lived in a small town in montana my entire life. Anything specific i need to know?

I’m from a very small town and went to nyc for school just over a year ago. I adapted really easily. thought there would be a big culture shock…. but there wasn’t, it just… happened. I generally love it.

You might get sick of small spaces and no privacy. Area-wise, midtown can be too industrial for my taste. I live downtown now and its nicer. Cooler people, fun (looking) bars, more culture. Brooklyn has cheaper rent and more space living-wise, but it’s not nearly as convenient and there’s less to do.

If you LOATH loud noise and crowds you might hate it. Also, it gets cold and the wind gets INSANE. And 80% of people here are insane in one way or another haha.

You can get nearly anything delivered ( and Grocery stores close kinda early.