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How should I write on my resume that I took a few cooking classes and have kitchen safety knowledge?

This is my resume for a resturant busboy or prep-chef.

With the consideration that the main headers of my resume are:
Work Experience

How should I put that I took some cooking classes in high school (home ec/foods). I was mainly thinking of putting those classes under skills with a small explination, or in education. How should I say it to be most appealing for a potential employer?

Just as a layperson, I would think that perhaps putting the names of the classes that you’d taken in high school as well as learning about kitchen safety and preventing food borne illness under the "education" section would be a good idea since you did take the courses while in high school. For the objective, it may be more on the simple side such as "Seeking a position as a restaurant busboy or preparatory-chef." Please don’t take this the wrong way, but please do remember to use spell check (restaurant, explanation :)

One doesn’t necessarily need to list hobbies on a resume. It may ask on the job application though. And it’s best to type at the bottom of the resume that ‘References Available Upon Request’ as opposed to providing them on the resume. Please also never put salary requirements on a resume albeit one shouldn’t typically name them on a job application either and instead say that ‘salary is negotiable’ as to not overbid or underbid. Please remember to always send a cover letter with a resume as it can briefly elaborate on the resume and allow the applicant to be more ‘relateable’.

You are probably already aware, but please remember to Not wear jeans, sneakers, a jeans jacket, short top, open toe shoes or slather on cologne :)