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I want to go to culinary school in new york, but my mom wants me to stay in ohio…help?

I told my mom that i was looking into the culinary institute in New York…and she goes "why don’t you go to the one at Hocking?"…..i don’t want to go to that one. Something about it i didn’t like when i visited.

Does she not want me that far away? I’m so confused…because she’s been encouraging me to go to culinary school for the longest i’m really looking into it…and she doesn’t want me to go to New York.

I left Ohio to go to school in NYC. My family supported me, but they would’ve been much happier if I had stayed in Ohio. My grandparents even offered to pay for all of my schooling if I went to school in Ohio. I wanted to experience the BIG city life, so I made up my mind and left. It was really hard being away from home, but at the same time I got to experience a lot of things I never would’ve if I had stayed in Ohio. After college I stayed in NYC for another year and then I moved back to Oiho. Everyone is glad to have me back "home" even though I still live 80 miles from the small town where I grew up.

My parents were scared to death when I moved away, and your mom is probably feeling the same way. About a month after I moved to NYC, 9/11 happened…. it almost made my family go crazy, but we got through it.

If you are responsible, confident, and aware (i.e. not naive), then you should give NY a try. Do it while you’re young. It’s such a fast-paced lifestyle, I don’t know how anyone manages to live there when they’re older!

Good luck!