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Is my Story good for a 6 grader?

It was a typical morning,waking up, eating whatever the cook made, taking a long shower, getting into those hideous things we call school uniforms, and whatever I usually do every morning,but this morning was different I actually saw my dad for more than 40 seconds with out him running out to go to work,of course I couldnt talk to him because he was on him blackberry storm cell phone which he is on 24/7!
‘daddy Im leaving!’ I called
‘bye honey!’ he called barely looking back at me, I smiled though and acted like he had seen me. Like usual sam was waiting patientally holding the door to our hummer open for me to step in. Sam was our personal driver and took me anywhere i wanted. I stepped in and looked at myself in the mirror. My perfect skin, thin lips, light blond hair, and thin eye brows glowing back at me!
‘UGH’ I stammered still looking in the mirror with a disgusted look on my face.
‘What Shall It Be Now?’ Sam said With His Brithish Accent.
‘Oh Sam, my pores are huge!!’
‘I will schedual an appoitment for you to have that fixed’ replied sam with out even the look on his face that he cared.
‘thanks much!’ I replied very happy! We Pulled into the big parking lot and I stepped out. Flipping My hair off to the side I heard my cell phone ring. I quickly reached into my coach bag and grabbed it out.
‘yessss’ I answered.
‘theres a new girl her name is emily and she is going to be our new bestie! said my best friend Kollete Jiroux. I hung up quickly! I HATE it when we get a new bestie we hang out with her for a week then Kollete decides she is cramping her style!
‘Lets take a look at this one!’ I said to myself
I found Kollete and our new bestie out by the flag pole chatting away.
‘WOW!’ I thought coveralls This Girl SO needed a makeover!
‘Hey gorgeous!’ Kollete greeted me with out even looking up from her phone.
‘Hey I am emily thanks so much for showing me around!’ emily was definentally frm new york you could SO tell by the way she talked.
‘ Oh yea Im uh Mandy Lilems,yea nice to meet you’ I didnt mean to sound rude but I wasnt to excited to get another one of these kind of people!
‘Lets Take A look at your schedual and see if we have any of the same classes together!’ Said Kollete. As emily reached down into her bag I gave Kollete a big glared. Kollete shrugged her shoulders and mouthed the words what to me.
‘Got It!" Snorted Emily! Kollete grabbed it out of her hands and skimmed through it!
‘Aww We dont have any of the same classes together but you do have the same has Mandy!’ My face froze I looked up from my text, Forced a smile on my face and said through my teeth Great!!

K tht was just my first Chapter! Just tell me if you liked it or not. Tell me what I can Improve on or give me some ideas on what will happen next! thanks much!!

It’s pretty good. I’m impressed.