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Menu suggestions and opinions?

I’m a chef and I’m forming a new menu, I would appreciate your feelings on the (so far very short) menu. What would you absolutely not eat, what seems like something you would usually eat, and of course if there’s something new on here you’ve never tried would you be interested in trying it? your opinions may help create a prominent New York menu.

- Jumbo Grilled shrimp over roasted strips of red and green bell peppers drizzled in creamy coconut saffron sauce.

-Veal in a vanilla bean and chive sauce, with a side of mashed butternut squash.

-Lump crabmeat marinated in a lemon-orange citrus sauce on wontons cooked in truffle oil, topped with shallot shavings and light chili powder.

-Plank Roasted Halibut wrapped in a grilled plantain shell, topped with curry red pepper and mango marmalade

-Lobster meat cooked in a creamy chipotle corn butter

-Boneless short ribs cooked in brown butter topped with caramelized pearl onions over a bed of garlic and mushroom risotto.

Your opinions are much obliged.

Everything sounds wonderful and I would try everyone except the Jumbo Grilled Shrimp (although I love shrimp) because unless the bell peppers are roasted they give me indigestion, but that is a personal thing. Your menu looks very upscale. My two favorite entrees from my favorite upscale restaurant are….

Sauteed Filet of Beef with Puff Pastry with Foie Gras Mousse Black Truffle Sauce


Seared Fresh Catch with Prawns with Tomato, Garlic, Basil, Saffron

I also enjoy French Onion Soup and Escargot.

Good Luck! I wish I lived closer to New York, your menu makes my mouth water!