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My chances for Columbia University?

For Fall 2009 – Regular Decision – Applied to Columbia College – Planned on participating in the 5 year engineering program.

SAT I – CR: 600, M: 740, W: 640. (I am taking the SAT I again in January, so hopefully I will get a 2100+.)
My Prediction for my Jan24th score results: Cr: My 600 will stay (I feel I went down.) Math: 770+. Writing: 750+.
SAT II – MATH 1 – 710, Chemistry – 670, MATH 2 – 650.
GPA: 3.88/4.0.
Rank: 4/92.
AP: 4 – Environmental Science (Only AP offered- I go to a small school.)
Senior Courses: No APs, but all my courses are honors.
Extra Note: I am graduating in three years from my high school. I am in an Honors Accelerated Program, which challenges gifted students with rigorous courses and allows them to graduate with an Advanced Regents Diploma. The Program contains 29 students. The remaining 63 seniors are not in the Honors Class. The class is very competitive and I rank 4/29. The three students ahead of me are all in the Honors Program. The #1 student’s cumulative academic average is only ahead of my cumulative average by .60. This program is diverse and I am coming from a small school in the Bronx.

Extracurricular Activities:
- Team Captain for Robotics Competition. – One Semester – 3hrs/week
- President/Tutor of Math Club – All three years of high school. – 1.5hrs/week
- Alianza Dominica Inc. – Biotechnology – Group Leader – One Semester – 4hrs/week
- College Now Programs (Rigorous College Classes offered to high school students) – American Government (One Semester), Medical Terminology (One Semester) – Psychology (One Semester) Law and Social Change (One Semester) – 3hrs/week for all programs.
- Chess Club – Tournament Referee
- Guitar Club
- Newspaper/English Club – Head of Sports/Puzzles section for newspaper
- Online Pre – Med Course
- Volunteer at New York Public Library – Started Sept. 2008 – 4hrs/week
- Community Service at the 92nd Street Y. Homework Helper and Cooking Assistant -Total hrs= 28

Member of Gauss Honors Class – 2006 – 2009
Member of National Honor Society – 2007 – 2009
Alianza Dominica, Inc Outstanding Performance and Contributions Certificate – 2007
Medal for Alianza Dominica AIDP/CAPS Program “For Your Improvement 2007”
American Chemical Society Certificate for Participation in the 2008 U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad Local Competition

Location: Bronx, NY
High School Type: Public – Small school inside William H. Taft.
Ethnicity: Asian
Gender: Male
Income: <$60,000

All of my courses since freshman year were honors.
Personal Essay: I believe was great but not perfect.
Letters of Recommendation: Both were awesome.
Guidance Counselor Rec: Okay
Oh, I did have an interview with Columbia. My Spanish teacher’s brother conducted it and he absolutely loved me, and he told me he is gonna write very nice things about me.

Congratulation on this beautiful record.!!! Just apply if they dont accept you, it will be there mistake. Also try Yale, NYU, and UPENN.