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need new foods to use during cook outs?

Okay my family likes to go out on little one day outings to state parks and cook out. My only issue with it is that the food is starting to get a bit boring. So I’m going on the search for more food to use during these things.

So far we’ve used:
hot dogs (we always use these with the main food pretty much)
couple types of steak (new york strip..can’t remember what the other)

The only restrictions are:
it can not be huge (small grills at parks)
has to cost under $20 (main course excluding hot dogs)
feed 3-4 people
relatively easy to get
no bratwurst (no one really likes it)

So far the only things I can think of are other types of fish (don’t know what kind), ribeye steaks (but are expensive and going over budget), and stuff like smoke sausage.

Useful things like different marinades/sauces for steak/fish are good too as long as it isn’t something that needs to set for days (2-4 hours chill time is about all it’ll get unless we make the night before).

Any suggestions and information are greatly appreciated, thanks!
I forgot to say we’ve used chicken too :| oops.

I’m liking the fajita idea so far. Ribs are a good idea but that seems too hard to do. I never thought of pork chops either so that’s another good one.

Spare ribs
Italian sausage

All favorites here, and not expensive.