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Return to the Old School! Hong Kong’s New Martial Arts Cinema at NYAFF 2010

After 2009′s film, IP MAN, became a massive box office hit, savvy Hong Kong producers, eager to make a buck, unleashed a whole wave of old school martial arts films that went back to basics: no CGI, no fancy wire work, no fakery. Instead, they were all about blazing hand-to-hand combat, hard-falling stuntmen and lightning fast kung fu. In conjunction with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office New York, this year’s NYAFF features a special focus on Hong Kong’s new wave of old school kung fu.

The line-up includes Jackie Chan’s latest movie, LITTLE BIG SOLDIER; a rollicking action comedy starring a gallery of old school greats like Bruce Leung and Chen Kuan-tai, GALLANTS; an encore presentation of the IP MAN, the movie that started it all, and IP MAN 2 which has become the number one Asian movie of 2010, out-grossing even Bollywood’s biggest hits at the box office.

There’s also Hong Kong’s major 2009 blockbuster, BODYGUARDS & ASSASSINS, which we’re screening with DEVELOPMENT HELL, a behind-the-scenes peek at the making of this legendary “cursed” production; the cracked and crazy cooking kung fu flick, KUNG FU CHEFS; and the totally mad throwback to visually bonkers Hong Kong comic books of the 70′s, THE STORM WARRIORS.

Duration : 0:2:21

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