All the best resources to find a New York Culinary School

Someone hire me for culinary school?

I been asking around my area and no one wants me. I am knowledgeable but I dont no restaurant experience. I need a six month non fast food experience for culinary instititue of america. Im about to go to a culinary school that doesn’t require work experience if I can’t find one. I live in new york city and the borough is queens.

Get Resturant experience OR
Catering Company can use your skills
Prepping airline food at JFK airport.
Or work UN dining rooms at the UN.
Any entry level Food service job.
Come to CA we train for culinary students.
Le Cordon Bleu.

Have a niche to specialize in.
Learn other skills:
Customer Service
Front desk Reservations IF needed
Cooking ethnic foods
Recipes to acess.
OR work Cruise Line from NY etc.
Cunard Cruise Lines?

See NY Times Classifieds alone.