All the best resources to find a New York Culinary School

What are some good culinary schools in New York that are not too expensive?

basically Im hearing the CIA is very expensive but that there a good school..Im just looking for a good cooking school close to the NJ/NYC area that’s well within my limits (financially)!!!!! Help

The CIA is the best culinary school in the US, so yes, it’s quite good.

Your least expensive option will be to find a community college or public college (like a CUNY or SUNY) that offers a culinary major. Many of those programs are of good quality, and they’re always your least expensive options.

I did a search, on college board, of all reputable colleges in NY/NJ that offer a culinary major. You should be able to see that list here:

Some of those are community colleges, and those are inexpensive, relative to other types of colleges. Check them out.