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What should I do? This is totally ripping my head apart?

I have been accepted to a culinary school in New York, and I live in Florida. My parents are working really hard to keep me here and I can understand why. But if I stay I will turn into my 45 year old uncle who is still living with his mommy and daddy. If I stay then I will kill myself because I’m doing something that will cause me to be miserable. If I go, then there is a possibility that I will become homeless.

What should I do?

They are not going to disown you and leave you homeless because you go off to school. You have to follow your dreams. Of course, there are closer culinary schools aren’t there? In fact, the Cordon Blue has a school in Atlanta. I know that it is adventurous to be away from home, but it is great to be close enough to visit. My son went to school about 2 hours away from me. It was very helpful when he damaged his cell phone, and was too busy to take a bus to the nearest repair center. And when his gf dropped her laptop, I ran down to Atlanta to take it to the repair man.

During the freshman orientation, there were many of the college’s older students who spoke to the new parents. They said that, other than money, their parents coming to take them off campus for a break was the most helpful thing. They spoke of how just a day off campus with their families helped to relieve the stress, and refocus them.

Please consider a closer school for your sake and your parents. But don’t give up your dreams. Good luck.