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What Sort of Credentials Are Needed for Culinary School?

I like to write, draw, et cetera- but that’s not guarentee of a stable job. On the other hand, people always need to eat, and usually enjoy having other people cook for them.
So, going to a culinary instituate seems like a logical choice if I want a steady job.

One would take maths classes to prepare for a math major, or English classes to prepare for journalism. However, I do NOT want to take foods classes during high school AT ALL. Is that okay? What sort of things does one need to do to get into a good culinary institute (like the one in New York)?

Please bear in mind that culinary schools have very high tuition and offer highly-specialized training that frequently results in a job with fairly low pay, as restaurant jobs traditionally are. There are few high-paid chefs in the world.

What you might want to look into is a more general education–perhaps starting as an undeclared student at a community college or state university–and see what develops. Unfortunately, the intellectual level of food work isn’t particularly stimulating, and if you like to write, draw, and think, you’ll really want to get something of an education.

The jobs will take care of themselves. Right now there are an awful lot of kids graduating from these culinary schools, and they’re finding themselves in financial difficulties because kitchen jobs don’t pay enough to repay student loans.