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What to make for an All-American meal in France?

I’m spending my semester with a host family in France and they all really want me to cook an American meal. I want to, but I have no idea what to make. I need a main course, side dishes, and a dessert.

So what do you all think would be a unique, typical, American meal? (fyi: I’m from New York State, I know the region frequently matters on this. For example, though awesome, I’m not going to make creole food, that’s not something I would have back in the states.)

Any suggestions are welcome!

All of the people who answered have very creative answers, but fail to realize that some if not all there suggestions are impossible in France, they do sell the crap that is normal in the US, I would go for the apple pie, but use a selection of french apples, fried chicken is another idea, even a spaghetti with meat sauce, Europeans are not familiar with the US style meat sauce or meatballs.

I am a former chef from Canada and cooked in Hotels and was in France for awhile in the mid 1990′s, and try something that is easy and you can handle, if you could get you hands on some smoked deli meat to make a reuben sandwich there is another idea, but US style corned beef and pastrami is hard to come buy but french cooked ham would be a good substitute.