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Where can I find local cooking classes ?

I live in Petaluma Ca and I want to take either free of paid cooking classes. I dont want to go to culinary school I am thinking just some basic classes . I dont know how to find the resources. Where would be a good place to look? Community centers?

I don’t live anywhere near you, but I do know where to find these classes in my area. First of all, your phone book is more useful than you might think, try looking up cooking classes. My city publishes a catalogue every season listing programs for the public, so that is where I personally would look. That being said a bunch of them are offered in the local college, these are just general interest courses, not part of the culinary program. Community centres may also offer such programs, some restaurants also offer these types of things. Is there a website or something where you live detailing community events or activities? A local college is probably the best bet, but some speciality shops will offer it as well, (i.e. some craft shops might have wilton cake decorating, or a butcher or seafood shop might have something too).