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Where can I learn to be green and help my workplace get green?

I want to take a course or seminar to help me be more green (or is it greener?). I’m not looking for just any course, but for a course that meets these needs:

Must be within the New York, New Jersey, CT area, but online (if possible) is ok too.

Must be a course that can be of use professionally (I’m hoping my job will pay for it and I do office managerial work, so I’m sure I can work being green I there somewhere).
Must help me identify and manage environmental effects.
Must learn something about environmental policy, reporting and legislation.

I would also like to know if there are any carpentry classes, or fun seminars that help people learn how to do green things at home. Cook, clean, live, build. There are many things I can do. I just want to be educated more. I can see all of the bad things, but I don’t know how to do them better. There is a lot of information out there, but I do not know if all of it is reliable and I want to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

I work for a mechanical engineering firm, NYMist, Inc., specializing in green technology. We implement energy efficiency solutions in the tri-state area and elsewhere.

One leading candidate for many workplaces is the use of evaporative precooling technology for all kinds of air conditioning and refrigeration plants. Condensers, heat exchangers, chillers all can see efficiency increases of as much as 40-70% depending on condition.

This tech also Increases the effectiveness of the equipment, particularly if it is "maxed out" and frequently shutting down from high head pressure. We can virtually eliminate shutdowns, which also put wear on the machine and shorten its lifespan, with this technology. Air conditioning and refrigeration failures can be mission-critical: ask any data center or ice cream shop.

The price is remarkably modest in comparison to the cooling equipment you already have and provides speedy returns on investment.

For these and any other energy conservation needs or related questions, please write me: We also perform general construction services oriented to green construction (e.g., LEED buildings).

As for classes or seminars – I believe our chief engineer is leading a session at the SIBL library in midtown, if they haven’t moved it. Let me confirm the date, etc., and get back to you