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Where Can I Sign Up For Mother/Daughter Cooking Classes In NYC?

I really found in interest in learning how to cook, and since my mom can’t cook very well, I thought maybe we could learn together. I always make a mess trying to make my own concoctions, but they never work. Is there a place in NYC where i could sign up me and mom for cooking classes ?

I’m in Massachusetts, and a lot of the "junior" colleges and culinary schools offer "recreational" classes at night or on the weekends. Check out some schools that have night classes. Also try the link below. They have "recreational" classes in all kinds of cooking subjects. They are at 50 West 23rd. If you can’t get to a school, pick up a plain-cooking cookbook: Fanny Farmer, Joy of Cooking…Basic recipes for everyday cooking with clear, complete instructions (even how to boil water!). Good luck and good for you!!