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Where can I take cooking classes in the Sacramento area?

I’m not looking to become a professional chef, I just enjoy cooking and baking. I’m especially interested in baking classes.

A lot of junior colleges offer cooking classes. Also look at your local recreation center, there might be courses available there as well. I don’t know of any specific locations, but that’s where I would start looking.
You can take cake decorating classes at craft stores and a great book to teach yourself to bake is Sherri Yard’s "The Secrets of Baking" It’s a super book with excellent recipes and good explanations. If you’re more into bread than cakes/cookies/pastries, my favorite bread book is The Bread Bible by Rose Levy-Berenbaum.
I’m currently attending pastry school, but before I decided to go and make it my career, those are the books I used to teach myself how to bake. Be sure to read a lot (public libraries are great places to read cookbooks, as well as the internet) and practice tons.