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Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad? or yet Why Study Abroad with SAI? Founded in 1995, Study Abroad Italy (SAI) offers US and international students the finest English-speaking programs available in Italy and London, with a wide choice of curriculum. There are no language requirements to attend any of SAI’s programs. SAI is considered the most comprehensive organization for study abroad programs in Italy and London. We enroll more students for study abroad in Italy than any other US office. Located in California, with additional sites in New York City and Austin, SAI is the main enrollment office for six of the finest college programs in Italy along with a NEW program in London; processing admissions and registration, providing accommodation, visa and travel advising, student services and answers to your general questions. Students earn US college credits attending any of our programs. SAI is affiliated with close to 100 North American and international universities and colleges.

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