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Amita Thai Cooking Class Bangkok, Thailand (1/2)

Amita Thai Cooking provides a unique portal into the traditional Thai way of cooking. The classes are not conducted in a fancy, but uninviting, 5 star hotel but in a series of bright and airy Salas built along a klong (small river) that connects to the mighty Chao Phraya River. The site is an old family compound owned by my Aunt’s, family for many generations. The school is located on the Thonburi side of the Chao Praya river which is where Bangkok was originally settled and selected by Phraya Taksin over 200 years ago.

Tam, my aunt, is a fabulous cook and has cooked for dignitaries around the world. In fact she has a degree from the prestigious FIDM Institute in Los Angeles. My uncle Montri was a Director at the Tourism Authority of Thailand and has attended schools in hospitality in Switzerland. Combined, their knowledge and expertise make a perfect recipe for the creation of a cooking school.

The classes are small and intimate, more like cooking with a long lost friend than in a big institution. You get to learn how real Thais cook for themselves and for special occasions. The fee includes hotel pick-up and transportation via Bangkoks famous waterwaysafterall, Bangkok is known as the Venice of the East.

This video is of a special private class set up especially for my kids who have had very little experience in the kitchen. Regular classes are not very different in the amount of care and attention that Tam provides to her guests. My kids had an enjoyable and memorable experience and left with a whole new concept of cooking and Thai food.

If you like what you see, please visit their website for free recipes, or better yet, sign up for some classes!

Swasdee Krup,

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