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Exploring Spices Cooking Class – Tulsa, Oklahoma – Ever wonder what to do with all those spices in your cabinet?

If you know anything about Stock Pot classes, you know they fill fast. If you have ever been to one, you know what I’m talking about. Stock Pot offers a variety of cooking classes to the public with everything from Sushi making to cheese & wine classes, chocolate, holiday meals to classes on spices. They have got about everything culinary to make yourself an online expert. We encourage you to check out the Stock Pot, as it provides such a unique opportunity. Not only do they teach you to put your kitchen to use, but you can also meet a lot of new faces.

Check out the video below as Chef Amanda, Cooking School Director at The Stock Pot, shares one of her next classes with you. Exploring Spices: Part 1 is an upcoming class to be excited about. Join Chef Amanda Simcoe as she takes a closer look at spices, some we use almost everyday, and some a bit more unusual. In this first installment, we will be looking at Cumin, Cardamom, and Allspice. We will discuss their origin, history, proper storage and many uses.

The menu will include Baba Ghanoush, Caribbean Jerk Chicken, Cilantro-Lime Corn, and Orange & Pinion Glazed Bananas with Cardamom-Sour Cream Gelato. Now that is a class worth attending!!

To sign up for classes and to look at a detailed schedule of classes visit:

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