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Cooking Classes?

Ok..heres the 13..nd I love to cook.My parents want me to go to cooking classes so that I can go to college for cooking..but I need to learn aloooot more! I live in PA and I need some close.. cheap classes. Any help please! thanks a bunch<3

Now remember, they want you to lay a foundation so that you can go to college to learn more.

I know in Utah cooking is offered in Junior High (or middle school) and High School. So, those classes are geared to helping you to learn what you need to learn. So, I would start with your own school. Once you know basics like how to follow a recipie, it is a lot of practice.

If your parents let you near Hells Kitchen you will find that Chef Ramsey will often test his people with a taste test to see if they have a "Palate" so, tasting foods and knowing with your eyes closed what is what can also help you out in cooking. To see a given squash and knowing it is sweet in taste will help you know what to put it with.