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Name of an Italian restaurant in New York City. No menus…?

I’ve heard of this restaurant. It’s small, and they don’t have menus, they just bring you whatever they happen to cook that day. Supposedly they give you lots of food. They only serve wine and water. I’ve heard it’s several courses and the food’s really good. Can you tell me the name and location, or just them name, please?

Dominick’s. In the heart of Arthur Avenue’s Little Italy, Dominick’s is all about the food — no trendy-looking decor, no actorish wait-people, no faddish menu additions (in fact, there is no menu). What you do get is perfectly prepared pastas, meat, and fish dishes, served on communal tables in the company of people who come here to eat. (2335 Arthur Avenue; 718-733-2807. Note: cash only)