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who can give me culinary school help?

i’ve been interested in cooking school for a while now and make my decision which school in january. i was interested in three schools all top schools and all of them cost 40,000 or above.
i didn’t care until recently when i got a job as a dishwasher in a french restaurant. my first day they had me take the cooks place and now i pretty much do everything making pies, sauces, cold meals, and hot as well as wash dishes if it gets backed up. i’ve always loved the people i’ve worked with in fast food and thats why i choose professional cooking as a career.
but now that i have some experience i don’t see the big deal about going to a expensive school. currently i do more work than another cook at the restaurant and get more hours and she’s in cooking school.
is it possible someone can guide me what to do? in my case would a keep cooking school save alot of money and get me the same results. and last i’ve always wanted to live in new york city and have seen cooking as a way to get in the city because there are so many places to eat.
So second question is it more likely i can end up in new york going to a community college cheap and keeping my job at full time for lets say two years? or if i went to New york to culinary school?

If you go to CIA in Hyde Park and don’t have scholarships or lots of money, you will have immense student loans. New York is a subway ride away, but you will be exhausted from cooking and working in their restaurants all day.

Given the current economy you may want to consider a community college program and work full time. That way you can pick up a few classes later there or at Greystone in Napa but not incur $100k in debt.