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college — where should i reasonably apply?

i’m interested in california, boston, new york, chicago, & dc.

my sats are reading 610 math 640 writing 790.
i’ll take them a few times, i know i can do a lot better in math.

my gpa from 9th & 10th grade combined is a 3.86. 10th grade was a 3.9 something, all A’s and A-’s except for a B+ in a half-year (equivalent) social studies course.
11th grade my first marking period gpa was a 4.21 and second mp was a 4.5 something.
finals hurt it a little, but it’s still over a 4.0.
my classes this year are AP english lang., AP calc, AP physics, honors social studies, hnrs. chem, hrs. spanish, and then gym, cooking, and communications.
B in english, B+ in physics, probably will get an A in calc.
next year taking AP stat, AP calc bc, AP spanish, academic social studies and english, and no science (because i doubled up this year). then two photo classes, cooking, and gym.
i’m interested in math and science.
i’m considering something like a computer science or engineering major.
i’m really interested in physics and astronomy though, so i’m thinking about a physics minor.
not necessary though.

i don’t really have extracurriculars. if it’s stretched, i do have some community service. and i do have a job.
i’d really like something really competitive like UCLA, but i don’t know if i have a shot.

can someone give me a basic list of safety schools/good matches/reach schools.
just off the top of your head?
not really into small schools, either.
and yeah, i’ve looked at ucsd and really was interested. thanks.
although i’m not sure yet if it’s smaller than my taste.

any other suggestions?
uc davis…
i’d prefer something more competitive.
and i’m definitely not looking for a school just for parties, as i’m really not a partier at all.
i’m more interested in the other criteria schools have to offer.
about the physics–
it’s more of an interest thing.
not really looking to make it my career.
i know i’m not amazing at it, my AP physics class was the hardest class i’ve ever taken.
but i sincerely have a very strong interest in the subject.
career-wise, probably something more with computers.
but if a school offers a physics minor, that’s just be a big plus.
to answer brad r–

i didn’t really study.. like, i’m just really good at grammar. i find it really easy.
there are only a couple of rules you need to know.
like, you need to really be able to see subject-verb agreement.
and parallelism.
those are the big ones.
and then just like, making sure sentences make sense and are clear. you’ve gotta pick the ones that are filled with useless phrases shoved in between commas.

Your reach/target schools could be Tufts (I think it would really suit you), Johns Hopkins (in Maryland, but a very good school), UCLA, USC, Northwestern, Boston College, Colgate, Hamilton, and NYU.
Safeties could be places like Syracuse, Boston U, UMass Amherst (kind of a party school though), Northeastern (MAJOR safety), and Skidmore.